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Definition of functional beverage:
Functional beverages or energy drinks refers to water as a basic raw material, produced by different formulations and manufacturing process for people drink directly. In addition to provide water to our body, functional beverages generally contains varying amounts of sugar, acid, milk, sodium, and fat. Further more, amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts and other nutrients can also be provided by functional beverages. 

Definition of functional beverage:
Tea beverages is made from tea leaf soaked in water, by different process procedures including extraction, filtration and clarification. In general, sugar, sour agent, food flavor, fruit juice or vegetable extracts objects will be added in to tea in order to make it more tastier. Tea beverages is processed by tea leaf extracts, tea powder and concentrated liquid as the main raw material. In order to have a unique flavor, natural polyphenols, caffeine and other active ingredients will also be added to the beverages. With both nutrition and health benefits, which make the tea a refreshing thirst-quenching multi-function drinks.

Natural taste start from nature:
ASG provides integrated solution for any kinds of tea and functional beverages.
Machine recommended for tea and functional beverages :
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