ASG will participate in Dubai Drink Technology Expo 2018 with high-end filling machine
Dubai, UAE-Food, water and beverage producers can win with higher levels of productivities with smart production workflow technology. ASG is pleased to present brand new beverage XGF series water filling machine  during Dubai Dink technology Expo (DDTE) 2018, which will run from February 27th to March 1st at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Dubai Drink technology Expo (DDTE) is an Exclusive Exhibition and Conference for the beverage industry in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Marking it the best platform for suppliers and manufacturers to broaden their reach and enter the ever growing Middle East, Africa, bringing together the operators of the Middle East Beverage plants with suppliers to conduct meaningful business,
The packaging industry will be witnessing a notable change in the coming years. ASG is committed to provide high-end and more innovative solutions on all different levels. Building on ASG's over 25 years of experiences in advanced packaging machinery and workflow, the new solution adopts the leading-edge technology and smart management system for the product line, and gives users the ability to master speed and accuracy to ensure the efficiency of a production line.

ASG XGF series 24-24-8 water filling machine is designed and manufactured based on the cutting-edge technology from Germany and Italy, for the demand of technical requirement of beverage production, as pure water and mineral water.

We look forward to meet you at DDTE 2018 in our booth No.C01.
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